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D.gnu - build gdc with gcc 4.2.2

I have tried to build gdc with gcc 4.2.2 .
I know it is not support yet.I just want to have a try.
Then the problem is :
when build the d-lang.glue.o , there are some errors in d-codegen.h
there is a function named 'build'. I can't find the declaration of it, of course
the same to the compiler.
there are also functions named 'build1' 'build2' 'build3' . and the declaration
of them are also missed.

Doesn't it strange? If the same code can work around gcc 4.1, what was happend?
How can gcc 4.1 find the functions? where are they?
anybody give me a hand?
thank you!
Nov 10 2007