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D - internal error with -O

This is really odd, I think.
The included file compiles and runs perfectly when compiled w/o -O, but when
I do -O, I get "Internal error: ..\ztc\el.c 1992". I don't send just a piece
of code because I have no idea where the error could be.

What the program does: it's an implementation of a really simple board turn
game, where the objective is to avoid the other player from moving any of
his/her pieces. It's played on this board:
P1        P1
 |  \   /  |
 |    o    |
 |  /   \  |
P2 ----- P2
The program randomly chooses whether it should start or not. The pieces are
moved by specifying the number of the position of the piece.

Carlos Santander

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