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Since I've been unable to locate any sort of D Developer's Forum, I guess this
is the place to announce this.

I've written a D Development Environment called D Env that is very near to a
public beta.  All that's left is for me to do before I can release it to the
public is to write an installer.

It's written in C#, so it'll require .NET to be installed.

When it's released, there will be two versions:  
- Editor Only
- Full Install (Editor, D Compiler and DIG Library)

Features Include:
-D Syntax Highlighting
-Symbolic Project->Folder Architecture
-In-Editor Compile, Build and Build+Run Functionality

Features Planned:
-More Hotkey Functionality
-HTML Syntax Highlighting
-Import Path Support
-Multiple Open Projects

Anyway, just letting you guys know it's coming!  I hope to have a beta release
out this weekend.  I'll post the link here as soon as it's up.
Mar 14 2003